Coming into your Higher Self

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When we have good health and everything in our life is going well, we feel on top of the world.  We are on the “top of our game.”   At that point in time, we see ourselves clearly…as if we are looking in a beautiful reflecting pool.  Then, in one quick moment, something changes and our reflection is blurred with turbulent waters.  Perhaps a blood test comes back indicating a health concern.  A meeting with the boss goes terribly wrong and you are told to pack up your desk and leave.  A devastating blow is delivered to your heart as a love one moves on without you.  In that moment of time…

the clearness of our image and our belief of self is shaken. The ripples disrupt the peace, calm and clarity of our reflection as self-doubt trickles in and our confidence flows out. The ripples may quiet in time or they may increase in intensity, swelling into a tempest of stress, confusion and worry where you feel like you are drowning.

We grow up hearing life is a struggle…it has its ups and downs…good things will come… you will have the life you desire in time.  Perhaps you are like so many people who are working up to 70 or more hours a week saying, “When…when is it my time to enjoy life?” Remaining stagnant in this question is holding all the happiness of your life hostage. The time is now!  Not later when you think, “it will come.”   Life is passing you by as you wait and wait and wait for something to happen to you. “It will come” is a future statement.  As you dream about better days in the future, the present is stealing away.

If you are tired of waiting, then it is time to connect with your Higher Self.  Many call the Higher Self the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind, your intuitive self, your soul, or the Spirit of God within.    Whatever you chose to call it, it does not matter.  What does matter is how you chose to use it.   This is the part of you that wants nothing but happiness, love, good health, and prosperity for you.   Yet, it often sits second or hidden by the negative rhetoric of the conscious voice in your head.  Yes, the one that starts the chatter the moment you open your eyes and continues to create turbulence throughout your day and then plagues you when you wish to rest.  It is the one that causes restless, sleepless nights as it recites over and over the negative commentary from the day, the week, the month and your life.

If you have been bogged down by negative thoughts, anxiety, fatigue, fears, unfulfilled dreams and desires; or if health has been challenged, then it is time to find and connect with your Higher Self.     How would it feel to wake up without anxiety, go through the day without fear of what is next, feel you are enough and entitle to good things in your life?  How would it feel to look at all your relationships through the positive lens of life and love knowing you deserve this wonderful gift of life?  

Take a deep breath…hold it…release it, and feel the peace and calm come over you.  That is step number one. In order to transition from the ‘future statement philosophy’ to reveling in your present happiness, you will need to acquire the necessary tools to take you through the remaining steps. When you are ready, let’s have a chat and get you started on a charter to calm waters.

Mary Barrett, MSN, RN, CCH

Hypnosis for Children and Adults

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