Chun Ji Martial Arts Opens Tonight!

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Chun Ji’s Grand Opening is today, January 23rd at 6:30!Â

I can’t lie, ever since watching Mr. Miyagi and Daniel Son, I have always wanted to be the Karate Kid. I wanted to balance on the beach, perched on the pylon, practicing the crane technique to finally defeat Johnny, my arch nemesis.

Ok, obviously that didn’t happen. However, my interest in martial arts has not dissipated over the years. However, with each attempt to begin my transformation into Daniel Son, I would walk into a martial arts studio and immediately feel intimidated. I didn’t have the uniform, the belt, etc. and written on my forehead was, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

The exact opposite happened when I met Brantlee and Corey (pictured above, yeah impressive!), the owners and instructors of Chun Ji Martial Arts, located at 120 North Church Street, West Chester, PA. They immediately make you feel welcome and comfortable. They care about each of their students and want to ensure martial arts is accessible to everyone because they know the incredible and often transformative benefits of regularly practicing martial arts.

Why Chun Ji Martial Arts?

  • Learn from instructors who carry a historical lineage and work with the needs of each student
  • More than just a “workout”: Mental, physical and spiritual training including meditation, study of systems of the body and personal self-defense
  • Opportunities to train outdoors and in our every day environment
  • Convenient location in downtown West Chester, close to businesses and restaurants
  • We support our West Chester community!
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