Chiropractic Care and The Olympics

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Olympic athletes receive regular chiropractic care to improve their long-term health but also maximize their athletic performance. Chiropractors are experts in movement and function of the human body. Every athlete is looking for an edge and they are finding that chiropractic offers a drug-free approach to reach for the gold. Olympic athletes are finely tuned human beings and when one part of their being is no performing correctly they lose functions; adding time or shortening distances to their events. Chiropractic can help athletes, professional or amateur, perform the best they can by;

  • Reducing motor reaction times
  • Increasing stability of the body
  • Increasing coordination of movements
  • Increasing oxygen transport and usage
  • Reducing biomechanical joint position errors

Every movement, every breath, and every system of the body works in synch with each other to perform the great feats these world class athletes achieve. You may not consider yourself a world class athlete but you were made to move and function without interference just as they do.



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