Changing Seasons

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By Mary Barrett, MSN, RN

Each Season brings its own meaning and gifts and is unique in its own way to each of us. For me, this Spring has been more bountiful than in previous years. It started with that first burst of color in early March. The early blooms brought about an excitement and eagerness for the awakening of the season, an anticipation of new life and opportunities. This spring, I rejoice as I meet new clients and hear the incredible journey that they have been on. Stories of transforming their lives, behaviors, thoughts, bodies and health are empowering in and of themselves. Each individual in these stories recognizes the power of the higher self. What brings them to my practice is their desire to tap into the gifts that are already within.     

It is always important to understand your own power, your own importance and worthiness when you want to create positive change. For within you is everything you need for success, love, and transformation. 

One of my personal transformations has been tapping into my creative side. While I have always enjoyed writing, my career choices lead me on a path of academics and science. The creative side of me sat quietly waiting.

As a teenager, I was always painting, drawling, and writing. I believed that these were just things you do as a child or teen. So I left that life behind for the pursuit of a grown up world, i.e., success and money. In doing so, I lost sight of me. The creative and unique me. So, this Spring has been about the awakening of the creative me. Using meditation in both the stillness of my mind and with guided imagery, I have been tapping into my higher self as I align with my creativity. With this alignment comes an abundance of joy and freedom. A freedom I did not feel before. 

So the transforming me is developing with my creative writing in several forms. I always loved poetry as a young girl and read the words of many poets and dreamed of writing just like them. So, as a teenager, I wrote poetry in my journals.  Now, as an adult ,I have started a spiritual poetry blog My first published book, “Of Musk and Lilac: A dog’s tale,” will be out in a few weeks. I wrote this book to bring good to the lives of abused animals. So in essence, this Spring has been the rebirth of my creativity, an awakening of the complete me. 

Think for a moment, what is it you want from you. Is there some part of you that lays dormant that you are ready to explore?  Are you ready to release all that blocks to your full potential? If so let’s talk about your transformation and all it can be. 

Mary S. Barrett, MSN, RN
Nurse Consultant Services
Certified Consulting Hypnotist 

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