Can-do Cayenne!

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by Allison Hansen

Cayenne is one of the bolder colors in the Spring, 2014 color palette and we are totally loving it! What a great shade to add a pop of color to your outfit. Warm orange and red tones mix with neutrals for a striking, yet beautiful color. This shade suits most skin tones and will certainly get heads turning!

Cayenne can be worn in more ways than one might think:  the color works well with pastels and other colors in the Pantone palette — yellow, and neutrals. Below are two fun possibilities: Cayenne with yellow and floral, and Cayenne with pastel and neutrals. You can play around with the colors and pair the Cayenne pants with a mint green top, and a white bag — or neutral pants with a Cayenne top.  Experiment with the colors and have fun!

The great thing about this fun and versatile color is that it can be worn anywhere. The only rules for this one is matching this shade with plain patterned accessories to remain professional in business settings.  You could even pull try a Cayenne dress with a black blazer and some pumps for a day at the office.  

Although we focus on clothing and wearable fashion, Cayenne is also HOT in lipstick and nail polish.  Try a great Cayenne pedicure with a fun maxidress—show those toes this Spring!  The Oscars and the other recent red carpet events have shown that this fashionable orange hue looks great on every mouth.  Give it a try but keep it more sheer and not too heavy by adding a lip gloss on top.


Cayenne evokes confidence so it is a great date color and a great professional color when you might feel a little unsure of yourself.  The warmth of the color makes others warm up to you and allows you to step out in style.

What do you think of Cayenne being the boldest shade in this years Spring color palette? Yay or nay? What is your favorite way to wear this color?


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