Can Antibiotics Make You Fat?

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The Trillions of bacteria that colonize in your gut are in JEOPARDY!

Overusing antibiotics has not only led to the development of dangerous superbugs, but has changed the bacteria that live inside us. Now evidence suggests that new gut floras may be responsible for our expanding waistlines.

Antibiotic use has been on the rising for the past 50 years. Today, the overuse of antibiotics is disgusting. A 190 million antibiotics are administered EACH DAY in America to the cost of 20 billion dollars to our healthcare and 35 billion in societal costs. Antibiotics are often prescribed as a precaution for illnesses when the cause has not been confirmed as a bacterial infection. The problem is that this wide spread overuse of antibiotics kills the good bacteria in our intestines too! It would be as if you had an exterminator come to your house to kill the insects and they also killed your dog and cat too. Really!

Antibiotics overuse is also in our livestock, to produce increased growth. What they are really doing is making the livestock fat by disrupting the microbiome of their guts.

So what do you think it is doing to our guts? I have a good inkling that maybe, just maybe, forever altering our gut flora isn’t such a good idea! Evidence proves that killing the good bacteria in your intestines directly affects your body’s ability to digest foods. Therefore, overuse of antibiotics will cause weight gain.


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