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Taking back roads from Coatesville towards Honeybrook we first stopped at Emma and Sam Zuck’s on Birdell Road. Known mostly for their raw milk and eggs, Emma had just picked string beans which I happily purchased. I also got her blueberries and summer squash. They use no pesticides on their farm. Her son, Sam, has a bee farm and I purchased his honey. For anyone who suffers from allergies, the best cure is to have a spoonful of local honey every day. The bees pollinate the local flowers, therefore giving you natural IGE antigens for the environment you live in. Down the road a bit, was the Stohlfutz Farm where they have free range chicken. Most of these homes do not have big signs, so drive slow and look. Here there was a small sign saying “chicken today”. Every Saturday barbeque chicken that my friend says is “to die for”!

As our fun journey continued we drove towards Honeybrook on Route 10. There were many small signs along the road letting you know what the resident farmers had for sale that day. We passed a bulk food store, then Willowbrook Farm which is a nursery. We gazed at the mums starting to grow and made a mental note to return in September. They were beautiful! We then came upon Kings Herb Nook Farm. You will know you are there when you see the big petals of their purple flower sign. In the adorable store off their driveway, you can find home grown herbs, pre-made herbal remedies, teas, soaps, grains, flour, sugar and sea salts. I was overwhelmed and in my glory looking at all the herbs! So cool. Here I purchased some lovely lavender soap, homemade herbal tea, and pink sea salt. I met the young girl attending the store whose sister created all the formulas used in the herbal remedies. She is off receiving her formal education as a homeopathic. She will return to assist her community after her graduation. I will definitely be back.

Next we stopped at a unknown farm to pick up some baked goods. YUM. I fixated on their homemade Whoopie Pies! Then just down the road on Route 10 is the September Farm, which won the “Farm of Distinction Award” last year. This place is beautiful. Known for their dairy, the September Fam has gorgeous artisian cheeses. When you go into the store, past their horse in the barn, the corgie greeting you and the cat offering his belly for petting, you are taken in by the charm and sumptuous samples. Being the garlic lover that I am, I had to get the garlic farm cheese. So good. They had all kinds, including spreads. September farm is a four generation family farm.

Off to our last stop, The Wyebrook Farm. We had to travel to Route 322 on route 10, then take Route 322 towards West Chester to Route 82. Make a left onto Route 82 towards Elverson.  Wyebrook Farms is just down the road on Lewis Mill Road on the right. This is an amazing 400 acre farm under new ownership of a year ago. Dean Carleson has done an amazing job of restoring the farm and has added such an incredible value to our community. Please visit his website, for more information. He has meat, cheese, produce, a cafe, music during the summer and more…here I purchased some chicken and cheese. Since Friday, I have cooked the chicken for Sunday dinner and the taste is out of this world.

I hope my journey in local farming has inspired you to take a drive this Friday and BUY LOCAL.


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