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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Neurology Centers Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is a unique and often overlooked health care solution. We focus on the source of your condition and not the symptom itself.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible in our lifetime, especially children.

Upper Cervical Care is based on the universal law of cause and effect: For every effect or symptom (physical or mental), there must be a definitive cause. Upper Cervical doctors focus their efforts on locating and removing interference to the nervous system that may be the cause of your health condition. Removing this interference can allow the body to heal itself naturally without the use of potentially harmful drugs or surgery.

At our center, we couple the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic care with the benefits of chiropractic neurology. Since its beginning, the chiropractic profession has been interested in the integrity and preservation of nervous system function. Therefore, it is paramount that we assess the neurological state of each patient at the brain, brain stem, and spinal cord levels.

This practice allows our doctors to catch a malfunctioning nervous system that may have originated in the brain itself. Our centers focus on finding that miscommunication between the brain and the body so the body is able to heal itself. Upper cervical care and chiropractic neurology are non-invasive procedures. All neurological exams and upper cervical malfunction patterns (subluxations) are reassessed periodically throughout care to objectively document patient improvement.

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