Awaken With Light

Awaken With Light

Awaken With Light offers meditation, Reiki and Self-Discovery workshops and services to help you become master of your own mind.

Use Meditation to change your mental and physical reaction to work stress, anxiety or depression. Train your mind and body to manage and reduce chronic pain. Use Reiki’s healing energy to aid in overall wellness, heal your body before and after an operation, help your body if going through chemotherapy, and help a loved one dealing with hospice. Use Self-Discovery Workshops to embrace a positive way of thinking, to attract more of what you want and less of what you do not want.

Classes and services are held at the Awaken With Light studio in West Chester, PA or Nancy can customize a package for the location of your choice.

About Nancy Gentle-Boudrie:
is a Reiki master and teacher as well as a certified meditation instructor and practitioner. She is committed to enhancing the quality of life in others by illuminating the path to self-discovery, wellness and positive living.

Her passion and goal is to help clients to connect to the power within in order to learn how to bring a better sense of peace and balance to their lives. Through Reiki, meditation and self-discovery workshops, Nancy encourages clients to embrace a positive lifestyle to achieve personal and professional happiness.

Nancy began to realize her spiritual path of enlightenment as she was teaching and encouraging her own young children to find their own authenticity. As she was fostering their development, she realized that enhancing the quality of life in others was a life goal. She trained as a Reiki Master and started her own Reiki practice. Furthering her education and passion, Nancy is trained in various meditation techniques and other related course studies.

Before starting her Reiki and meditation practice, Nancy was the president of an insurance agency. In addition to the Reiki and meditation certifications, she also holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Operations Management from Auburn University. As a result, Nancy understands and can relate to the demands and stresses created by today’s hurried world. Her expertise, confidence and soothing, melodic voice can help anyone calm their mind from the day-to-day stress and easily slip into a level of mindfulness.

Nancy is also the creator of Welcome Inner Balance, a visually guided meditation CD. Experiencing the CD brings the vital life force energy that runs in and around the body into balance. By integrating this sense of inner balance, listeners achieve their natural state of well being in mind, body and spirit. When alignment is achieved, listeners can embrace inner peace, immense joy and enlightenment.

She also serves the Neighborhood Hospice in West Chester, Pa. by providing Reiki and meditation services. She also provides meditation workshops for the staff so they may be energized and claim their own sense of peace and balance.
252 East Gay Street
West Chester

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Awaken With Light