Women in Motion (WIM)

Women in Motion (WIM)

W.I.M. stands for Women In Motion. We are an organization of women with a drive to move forward in life, whether business or personal. We join together monthly with other women with the same ambition, hopes, and desires to achieve their goals in life. We are a powerful group of networking women reaching out to support each other along our path, sharing obstacles and achievements. Our networking has been a valuable asset to the growth of our businesses. Some friendships developed will be life long.

Who are the Members?

W.I.M. members range in age from the 30’s to 60’s, bringing both young ideas and experienced knowledge to any dining table.

How did the Club originate?

W.I.M. began about 7 years ago with a desire to organize a women’s dining club to visit local restaurants that have devoted their time and effort’s to charity events.

Having chaired and volunteered for many charitable culinary events I was aware of the cost and commitment that the restaurant industry donates and gives back to the community. I felt visible appreciation was due.

Our group started out small, with 8 to 10 regulars, dining out once a month. Word spread quickly of the great time we were having and we started to grow rapidly. Currently we have over 200 members with as many as 75-80 ladies joining us at each event.

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Women in Motion (WIM)