Chun Ji Martial Arts

Chun Ji Martial Arts

Hapkido and Taekwondo Training in West Chester, Pennsylvania

At Chun Ji, we provide training in two primary arts for which students can earn rank. Classes are designed around the essence of both Ju Sool Kwan Hapkido and Chungdo Kwan Taekwondo while the influence of many other styles is considered and incorporated throughout practice.

Contact Us today to learn more. Your martial arts experience at Chun Ji will be unique…designed to challenge and inspire you from the beginning of your journey. You are invited to observe a class, and then your first class is complimentary.

High quality teaching and training is what we are about. Students earn what they put into their training. In this environment, students receive the personalized attention and instruction necessary to flourish and grow a diverse skill set through physical and mental practice.

At Chun Ji, high quality training and teaching is our passion. We are not driven by commercial means so you will find us to offer reasonable tuition rates.

Our Class Schedule is as follows:

Mondays: 6:30-8:00pm
Wednesdays: 6:30-8:00pm
Thursdays: 6:30-8:00pm
Saturdays: As Scheduled


Master Corey Underhill has been practicing Korean and Japanese martial arts since 1979. His instructors are WOMAF President, Grandmaster Kim Sang Cook and Grandmaster James R. Garrison, in Beaverton, Oregon. Master Underhill developed a deep understanding and appreciation of the arts during his practice in South Korea, as well as earning his ranks in Korea through Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy, a charter member of WOMAF. As both a student and instructor, Master Underhill has participated and led seminars and programs across the United States. In addition to being a martial arts instructor he is also trained in and teaches police tactics, to officer recruits as well as active duty police officers, self-defense curriculum and extensive weapons training to specific audiences. Master Underhill has accumulated knowledge and expertise in coaching children and adults who are physically challenged and who have developmental disabilities. He has considerable knowledge in research and development of martial arts training. His style is proven and functional. The Ju Sool Kwan style includes meditation, Tan Jan breathing and healing arts. Master Underhill’s teaching style is compassionate, honest and inspiring. His credentials include :

*East Coast Representative of World Oriental Martial Arts Federation
*7th degree Ju Sool Kwan Hapkido
*6th degree Chungdo Kwan Taekwondo
*3rd degree Jiujutsu
*1st degree Aikido

Brantlee Underhill has trained in martial arts since 1998. A student of Master Corey Underhill, Mrs. Underhill was introduced to Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kali/Silat and Cardio Kickboxing by the late Grandmaster Thomas J. Wilson. Her credentials include :

*Pennsylvania State Representative of World Oriental Martial Arts Federation
120 North Church Street
West Chester

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Chun Ji Martial Arts