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Jeffrey Myers has a Fine Arts degree from Kutztown University and a Certification in Massage from Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia. Jeff attributes his ability to do various styles of massage from his background in the Arts. When Jeff was at Kutztown he studied anatomy drawing which enables him to visualize muscles when palpating. This ability aids in recognizing where the problem areas are in the body and supports the body in the healing process. Massage Therapy is classified as a complementary and alternative medicine. Massage used regularly also aids in preventative health.

At UNIVERSAL MASSAGE ARTS every massage is priced the same. As a client of U.M.A. you will not be charged more if you require deep tissue as a therapy. Jeffrey Myers, CMT at U.M.A. believes every client presents with their own unique need for massage or soft tissue manipulation. The client and therapist work together to customize the best massage for the client. Jeff has studied swedish, sports massage, myofascial release, shiatsu, trigger point, active release techniques, reflexology, and various other styles.

The only way to really know what benefits you will receive from a massage or soft tissue manipulation session is to experience the therapist touch. Massage is what the body requires to restore itself to good health. We intuitively practice massage when we injure ourselves and the first thing we do is touch and massage the area that is hurt. Jeff believes that we all have the ability to heal through touch. It’s an innate ability that we possess as humans. When we suffer pain or trauma, we need the medical touch of a healing therapist to comfort and cure us. This is why Massage Therapy is a complementary and preventative medicine. It’s classified as an alternative medicine, because most Western Medicine Practitioners don’t administer massage or other alternative healing modalities. Jeff from U.M.A. has the ability to hone in on this innate ability to heal the body through touch.

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Universal Massage Arts – UMA