Breaking Ground and Jumping on Air!

By - September 4, 2012

Home Page Things are moving along at this point.  Words I’ve been waiting to say!  I’ve been busy these past couple of days with the West Chester Fashion Showcase and the Labor Day weekend with a friend flying in from across the country. Had a quick but promising conversation with my GC on Thursday evening right before the WC Fashion Showcase (which The WC Press put on and did a phenomenal job – video footage will be posted soon!).  My last major worry about the store build out was timeline.  I was adamant about being able to open before Black Friday and I got the good news that the store would be handed over to me by November 4th!  That gives me some time to get in there, merchandise the hell out of it, and put the final touches on my second freakin’ location!  The only place I was getting reception within the Chester County Historical Society (where the show took place), was in the auditorium in which the fashion show was setting up and I felt like my excitement was loudly echoing within the walls.  Pretty appropriate, I would say.

visit here Stopped by the space on Monday morning to show my friend the space and asked her to take a picture of me in front of the boarded up storefront.  Of course, I refuse to take just a normal photo.  But this is how I’m feeling about the project now!

go Construction started this morning so of course…I dropped by again.  It’s just so close and convenient that I had to!  Curious me wants to see what it will look like at all stages.  The gravel was being dug out to lay down some PVC pipe which I’m guessing is for sewage (pretty, right?).  And while that’s not so cool to the average person, it’s really cool to me.  As more happens, I’ll be taking more photos, which I know is the more interesting part of the blog. Can’t wait to keep you updated!

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