Behing the Bar with Bing: Good Beer & Glassware

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Over the years, I have had guests ask me for a chilled glass for their draft beer. While this was a fun thing to do back in the 1970’s when folks could only order a Budweiser or Miller High Life on tap, in today’s beer world, maybe ask for the bottle and hold the glass. However, your choice of glass is almost as important as the selection of the beer itself.

To really enjoy a beer, it should be poured into a glass. The reason behind this, is very similar to wine, the beer has a chance to open up as it is poured, and the true nose, or smell of the beer, and its body have a chance to expand and effervesce. If you do decide to pour your beer into a freezing cold glass, you will see that it will foam up terribly, and this will seriously damage the carbonation in the beer, making it flat sooner and it will also change its taste.

The next time you go out, and you order something other than a macro brew, ask your bartender what type if glass they recommend for your favorite beer. A good bartender will know what type of glass should be served with each different style of beer. Warning: If your bartender just hands you a chilled pint glass out of the refrigerator, they have no idea about beer. So kindly request that you would at least like a room temperature glass, you and your taste buds will be happy that you did.

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