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Greetings my friends, 

How nice was the little taste of summer this week? With this tease, I thought it would be nice to talk about a couple of springtime beers that are nice on a warm day, and few that are equally as delicious during those spring days that are still a little to reminiscent of winter. 

April 15th makes many folks unhappy, giving up that hard earned cash to Uncle Sam, but you can rejoice if you enjoy a bold, choice stout. Stone Brewing releases it Imperial Russian Stout, and if you enjoy this style of beer, you may be hard pressed to find a better one. This fine offering is only found in 22oz bottles, or if your are lucky enough, on tap. It’s heavy on the anise, black currant, and coffee aroma, while overwhelming the palate with roastiness and alcohol warmth. I must warn you, coming in at about 10% alcohol, sharing this with a friend my be the way to go. 

If you like your beer a little lighter, and crisp, ask your bartender for a Stoudt’s Karnival Kolsch style beer. Its low in alcohol, but surprisingly, big in taste. A winner at the Great American Beer Festival, it is dry and refreshing with fruit on the palate and nose and mild hops bitterness. Unlike the Imperial Russian Stout, you can enjoy a couple of these guys, and as long as you didn’t start drinking on an empty stomach, you should be no worse for wear. 

Another gratifying offering can be found all over our area, and is a little hoppier, especially for you hop-heads, and I fit firmly into this category, is Sierra Nevada’s Southern Hemisphere Harvest. In this mouthwatering ambrosia, the Sierra Nevada brewers feature fresh hops picked, dried and shipped from New Zealand within seven days of the fields. Right now in the Southern Hemisphere of good old planet Earth, our friends are wrapping up summer, and are coming into the harvest season, so the hops down there really don’t come any better! 

So, get out to your favorite watering hole, and sample the offerings! It’s a fun time of the year for beer, (but really, is there a bad time?) you get some big beers, some unique collaborations, and many lighter, crisper, and easier drinking brews. Try em all, then call somebody for a ride home!


“TIP” for the week.

Picture this scenario:  Busy Friday night and someone with a group of friends waving their arms to get your attention. Then when you race over to them and say “What can I get for you buddy?” they turn around to their friends to see what they are having. This is very similar to that person in the supermarket that stands there and watches all of the groceries get rung up, and then after everything is bagged, doesn’t have their money ready. Really? Did you think your groceries were free today? Is it climate controlled under that rock you just climbed out from under? Trust me when I tell you that when I make eye contact with you in a very busy bar that means it is YOUR turn to rattle off a half dozen drinks to me. Bartenders have a Doctorate in multitasking.   

If you are not sure what to order, ask for a drink menu, look around to see what’s on tap, or check the special board. Very helpful tools indeed. Now, to the “undeceives” out there that rarely go to bars, the last thing I ever, ever want to ever hear is…..”What do you have that is fun?” Cocktails are inanimate objects, they cannot be fun.  However, I know what you mean, so try something seasonal. We are approaching Mojito and Margarita season.   And some bars can even offer a wide variety of flavors for those cocktails.   

Don’t forget to have your money ready!!!! 

Until we meet again………. 

Ok ole Maluna! 
(Hawiian for Cheers) 

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