Back to School: Packing Lunch

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School starts here on Tuesday, September 2nd.  I am happy to send them back to school because they truly enjoy being there.  They love to socialize and learn and keep busy and they are so tired of being stuck in one place with each other.  They love each other and play pretty well together but they are begging to have “Friend” time and being away all day does not leave much time for having company and running kids back and forth to each other’s houses (like I did all summer as a kid…).  They are just ready for the change.


The things I am dreading are the constant barrage of information and keeping on top of the never ending schedules and to-do lists.  


rencontres internationales de la santУЉ et du bien УЊtre 2013 who is aria dating in real life eustis fl dating go to site I also dread packing lunches.


It’s hard enough to plan for dinner, but breakfast and lunch, too?




Generally, my kids don’t like sandwiches (unless you count PB&J, but that can’t go to school with them).  If you catch my daughter in the right mood she will eat a ham and cheese or turkey/chicken and cheese sandwich.


My son NEVER eats sandwiches, cheese (unless it’s sparingly on pizza or we hide it in something) or anything I would normally think of easy packed lunches.  Last year was our first experience sending him to school with lunch and every day was an issue.  He usually just took fruit, a snack, a yogurt and maybe a cookie or something of his choice.  I felt bad every day because I didn’t feel like he was getting enough good food.


In anticipation of school starting next week, I have made a list of all of things that they might take as “main course” and then all the things that can fill in the meal.  Breakfast is also challenging with little time in the morning for prep and, again, some pickiness.  


My one saving grace is that Dude only needs a packed lunch 4 days each week because he is in preschool and will be home 1 day and Princess wants to explore the menu in the cafeteria so she will be allowed to choose to buy one day each week (probably pizza day, if I could guess).


Main Dish:

  • Lunch Meat Sandwich (soup option for my son)
  • Ham/Cheese Rolls or Pizza Pinwheels
  • Hummus with pita, tortilla chips or veggies ( thank goodness they love chopped veggies! and Hummus! It makes a meal many days)
  • Soup (usually chicken noodle).  This is an interesting recipe for Thermos Noodle Soup.



  • Yogurt
  • Chips/Pretzels/Crackers
  • Fruit
  • Veggies
  • String Cheese
  • Treat (cookie, fruit leather, etc…)


Drinks are water or juice in a thermal water bottle.  Juice boxes or bags are coveted but not happening because it costs extra money and usually ends in a huge mess.  I occasionally get them if I know we have a field trip or something coming up where everything has to be disposable.  


Breakfast in a Pinch (every morning around here):


I like posts that help to jog my memory and get ideas for my family, so I hope you find this helpful.  Happy Back to School!


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