Back to School Basics

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As the 2012-2013 school year begins, it is important to remember that as a parent, you have a significant influence over your child’s attitude towards learning, as well as their social and emotional development. Here are some tips that can help you teach them organization and responsibility for their personal academic success:


1. Designate a specific place for homework, backpacks, and all other items needed each day for school. By keeping everything in one place, you will not only help your child stay organized, but also eliminate anxiety and stress in their morning routine as they scramble to get out the door.


2. Communicate consistently with your child. Talk to your child everyday about school. Take an interest in their experiences by asking specific questions, pertaining to both their classes and social interactions. This encourages your personal relationship with them and increases your involvement in their educational experience by creating a daily conversation in which they feel safe to share both their highs and lows.



3. Communicate with your child’s teachers. Aside from emailing (which can be impersonal) – make it a priority to establish a relationship with your child’s teacher in a way that you are comfortable with – to express any concerns that you may have throughout the course of the school year. Remember, YOU are your child’s advocate. Children are more successful when their parents and teachers work together for their benefit.








4. Respect your child’s learning style. As parents, we tend to think that the study methods that worked for us will work for our children. Be careful to not force your child to study in the same way you did if he/she has already discovered that it doesn’t work for them. Be open to stepping out of your comfort zone to assist your child with other methods of learning.


5. Create consistency at home. Encourage your child to spend at least 15-20 minutes each night reading and taking some time to themselves to explore their own interests. This is crucial to their emotional and artistic development. Make bedtime the same time every night, even if they don’t fall asleep right away. This will establish a routine which will reduce their stress level and instill in them a discipline for organization and consistency in other areas of their life.


Keep in mind that the beginning of another school year is a new opportunity to hit the “refresh” button and start again. As parents, you have a responsibility to model the values and principles which you require your children to possess. I’d like to leave you with some “Food For Thought” that might shed some perspective on the value of your role in terms of your child’s academic success:


“Children see themselves through the eyes of the adults who love and teach them. For that reason, it is important that the adults in their lives see them in a unified way.” – Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot


Let’s continue this journey together and help your child reach their potential.


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