Baby Watch is Coming to an End!

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Yes, we are still on baby watch – but not for long! Tomorrow is my scheduled induction date at 39 weeks pregnant.  


Due to some of my usual issues during pregnancy, namely hypertension, and my history of spiking close to the end, I am not aloud to go past my due date and they prefer that I go a bit early.  That has never been a problem for me.  Babies 1, 2 and 3 all came early on their own, but this time around my treatment has been a bit more aggressive and it has been by far my healthiest pregnancy.  My induction is to prevent things from going south at the end as they tend to do.


I am feeling excited, like the night before Christmas, but also apprehensive.  I am not dilated nearly as much as I normally am at this point and I fear that it will hinder the induction.  I am praying that all I need is a little nudge and my body will do the rest.  Your prayers are appreciated as well!


There are lots of methods that women swear by for getting labor started on their own, but not many are proven by science.  I am bouncing on an exercise ball as I type this hoping to get baby as low and engaged as possible. This is my standby, but I admit I have been lax this time.  I swapped the ball out for more squats and clearly it was mistake.


Today I have fresh pineapple on the menu and maybe eggplant – both are supposed to help ripen the cervix and help labor along.  I have also been guzzling Red Raspberry Leaf tea because it is supposed to aid your uterus and make your contractions more effective.



I walk as much as I can and carry my youngest quite a bit still, but my back is paying the price.  I can only stand so much (literally).  There are other methods that others use and some I will not mention here (but I’m sure you know what I mean…).  I’m kinda down to the wire now so my focus is on what I can achieve in this short amount of time and everything that has to be done before I spend 3 days in the hospital.  


Next time I talk to you I should be a mother of 4 healthy children and probably a bit out of my mind, but I look forward to being on the other side of this journey.  Wish me luck!





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