Baby Update: 24 Weeks

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I haven’t been updating here about my pregnancy because there has been so much going on recently.  Once you hit October, the holiday stuff floods in and I want to touch on all of it because it is my most favorite time of year and I love to revel in it.  But I though an update was due.



Currently:  24 Weeks!  This is a big milestone for me because at 24 weeks, your baby is able to live outside the womb with medical intervention if things were to go unexpectedly.  They have a real fighting chance at this age. They will also see you in Labor and Delivery at this gestational age if you need medical attention which I like because they will actually treat you and the baby.  

Sex:  BOY!  Baby number 4, boy number 3 🙂




Cravings:  Wawa Pumpkin Spice Frozen Cappuccinos, Strawberry Pop Tarts, Apples and Salad.

Feeling:  I had a rough time with morning sickness, but things cleared up and I had about 6 weeks where I was feeling really good.  I have reached the point now where all of my very familiar aches and pains are back.  My right hip is forever out and I’m getting BIG.  It’s just that time.  

Other:  We are busy getting the house ready for baby.  We have fewer bedrooms than we need, so we have moved our older two in together with brand new bunk beds and we are still working to sort and consolidate all the STUFF that they have accumulated.  We have been on a trash and donation streak with no end in sight.  

We are also getting the smaller bedroom ready for by littlest guy who will be sharing with the baby, but just his things really.  The baby will likely sleep in our room for the first year or more.  I’ve actually never moved any of our kids to their own rooms before 18 months.

We have had a run of sick kiddos for the last month+ and I really hope this isn’t the start of a very long cold and flu season.  I keep telling my self that we are getting it out of our systems before the baby gets here 😉

That’s pretty much it right now.  I have a growth scan tomorrow to make sure baby is on target and I we will continue to be busy with getting things ready for his arrival and all the holiday stuff that is in the near future.  


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