Baby #3 has Arrived!

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I am a little late on the announcement, but if you noticed my absence, you may have guessed that Baby #3 has made his debut!

After many weeks of false labor, bed rest, being turned away from Labor and Delivery because of a lack of space for induction and an ill timed snow storm our little bundle of joy decided to come on his own at 38 weeks 6 days on Saturday, February 9th at 9:42 in the morning.  I had requests that we name him Nemo…that didn’t happen, but maybe that will be his alias on the blog 😉

Our family is over joyed to have his presence in our home!  The kids are completely obsessed with him.  It is both adorable and highly dangerous.  I can’t tell you how many times each day I have to remind then how fragile he is.  We have had to make adjustments, obviously.  Little Man and Princess don’t know a time without one another because they were only 16 months apart, so we are consciously making an effort to balance our time between each of them and the new addition.  

This is the first baby that I have had were I am completely terrified of taking out into public.  Part of this is that my germaphobicness has gotten worse as I have gotten older and part of it is the risk of catching the flu or RSV.  Unfortunately, we know many people who have  been sick with the flu and even more sadly a few who have children that have had to be treated for RSV.  It’s really scary.  So of course, each of the kids have either had Croup or vomited since bringing the baby home.  Both sent be into a tailspin.

Then there is how I am feeling.  I have a big tip for anyone who is having a baby and already has children at home. No matter what kind of three ring circus is taking place at home without you, stay the extra night in the hospital.  And if you can, try to score an extra. 

I was required to stay two nights with Princess and Little Man to meet the 24 hour observation period.  Both with room mates and zero privacy.  This time I had a private room!  It was glorious!  And since I had the baby so early in the day, I was offered the opportunity to go home late the second day.  I took it.  My little ones were Face Timing me with pathetic please for my return and I thought “I need to be there more than here.  My mere presence will calm them and I will be able to rest.”  I am an idiot.

Not only did I not rest because I just can’t seem to allow myself, my stitches have been a nightmare and Postpartum Depression has reared it’s ugly head despite planning ahead this time.  This delivery was by far my most textbook and easiest to date and so my healing seemed like it was going to be a breeze.  Had I stayed at the hospital another day or two I may have avoided these issues.  I am on my way to feeling like a human being again, but I think I pushed it a little too hard initially.  It’s amazing what just a few hours off of your feet can do for you.

Life at home is crazy and we are feeling our way in the dark quite a bit, but we are also extremely happy.  Just happy 🙂 

 photo photo_zps82535c76.jpgBaby 8Ibs, 12oz 20 inches






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