Athletic Values

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As a girl growing up in Chester County, I loved playing sports. I was born in 1964, the year the Civil Rights Act was signed. Even though playing team sports was not a popular thing for a young girl to do, my future looked promising for me. I felt the shift that I could do anything my heart desired. As I was turning 8 years old, my Mother encouraged me to write to my Congressman to support a Bill that could help women’s rights called Title IX. I definitely did not understand everything my Mother was saying but I did hear that it would make a difference in my future as a female athlete and going to college. I was all in!


As a former semi-professional athlete, my Father didn’t know what to make of his daughter. One moment I was playing with my Barbie the next I was challenging all the boys in the neighborhood and asking him why I couldn’t play on the boy’s baseball team. I will forever remember what he told me that day. He said that whether I play sports with boys or girls, being part of a “team” is the best experience I could ever have. That sports is not only good for your health, it also will teach me life-long skills. So I continued playing softball, field hockey, basketball and gymnastics, not fully understanding what I was really developing. I never did receive a sports scholarship to college but I did attend college to learn how I could help people, health care.


As a Chiropractor in Chester County for 17 years, athletics is still an important part of my life. Why? I am giving back to a concept that taught me how to be a team player, community leader and healthcare advocate, a doctor. I believe that our children should experience and play many sports throughout their grade school years. Playing one sport will not teach their bodies to be well-rounded. Overall, our children will learn from playing sports: fairness, team work, skill, disappointment and success.


Sounds like great life values to me.


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