Are Your Spanx Literally Squeezing Your Organs?

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I would be a liar if I said I do not wear Spanx. I love my shapewear, but only on special  occasion! As I have said in practice and on my radio show, Wellness 411 on WCHE1520am, life was meant to be lived in moderation.

I was shocked to read in reports released last week that women are wearing Spanx every day! Not only that, but they are wearing them to tight, in other words, buying a smaller size than what they should. And to know surprise, our teenage girls who are growing up entirely too fast, are also wearing shapewear, really! Mother’s stop your teenage daughters’ from doing this, please.

What Spanx or shapewear can do if not worn appropriately is:

Compress your organs

Compress your bowel

Develop tingling, numbness and pain in your legs

Poor posture

Vaginal infections


Like everything in life, it is important to exercise moderation: Do not wear them too often and lastly, choosing the right fit is key.

Just be smart Ladies and like I said, I love my Spanx!


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