Antibiotic Overuse – Still a Growing Problem

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“Get Smart About Antibiotics Week 2012” is a research article released by the CDC this week that encourages patients to ask their doctors what treatment works best for their colds or flu rather than antibiotics. Believe it or not, there are still doctors in this country who are over-prescribing antibiotics. This week’s awareness by the CDC calls on doctors and health care administrators to find ways to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use.

What concerns me in all of is… your medical doctor. You, the patient, will need to be proactive in choosing a doctor is educated enough on alternative treatments to help you? In this now antibiotic resistant society, be sure you chose your healthcare team wisely.

The researchers also cite an alarming rate of 30% rise in the overall share of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that causes urinary tract infections, the result of 8.6 million doctor visits a year. This same type of abuse goes on in the treatment of sinus infections.

There seems to be nothing better for the common cold or flu than the old fashion rest and fluids. My Mom always said, “Starve a fever, feed a cold.” Meaning that if you have a fever, stay in bed, rest and drink fluids. You will build up a natural immune resistance to the virus and therefore improve your immune system by NOT taking medications.

The results of this research proved that in 7 days both groups (antibiotic or placebo) improved by 80%. So why would you take antibiotics and run a greater risk of becoming anti-biotic resistant?

Makes no sense to me.

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