Anchoring A Summer Trend

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Summer often means water — vacation at the beach, dinner by the harbor, boating on the lake.  In these parts, we don’t have to travel too far (thankfully) to find ourselves enjoying a sunset on the bay or a few days with the kids or grand kids splashing ocean side.

Funny enough, nautical-themed fashion and accessories have made a comeback.  But the consistently traditional hallmarks of these trends have us wondering if and how they ever really went out of style.  Anchors are everywhere — on earrings, shirts — even shorts.  And blue and white stripes? Well that’s a partnership with staying power — one that simply dresses up everything from bags to tops, even pillows and sheets.

But is there a secret to pulling a slightly nautical look together without looking like Gilligan’s long-lost sister?  We think there is.  It’s name is moderation and it means reaching for a color combination or an accessory that whispers “seaside” rather than a shirt that screams “I Spent My Vacation at Myrtle Beach.”


One valuable fashion secret is to never relegate a simple white button down shirt to the recesses of your closet.  We love it dressed up with a simple rope chain, then down again with jeans and flats.  The anchor earrings with gold trim are an elegant statement — as is the clutch with rope chain.  Paired with striped flats, you’re ready for a day or shopping or dinner by the beach.  But we’ve got a twist on traditional blue, red and white nautical wear below.



These seaside looks feature an unexpected splash of beautiful and feminine color — sweet pink, deep coral.  It really is on trend to infuse your nautical look with playful hues.  The nautical theme remains subtle, but the gold rope jewelry and blue and white striped Oxford shirt and striped bag are the most obvious nods.  The brown wedge and white skinny jeans, and the crisp white shorts and gorgeous flats? Classic looks that elongate and no matter what season or trend, that’s a good thing (right, Martha?).

Accessories are key here — we’ve showcased them below but we encourage you to pick just one or two and add it to some simple basics.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Nautical-4.jpgThe floppy hat is elegant for sure and would look fabulous paired with the white sunglasses.  Again, the simple backpack suggests nautical but without the traditional colors.  And the rope necklace offers elegant options long after the summer season has passed.  But remember that if you’re doing a stripe, whether in a bag or a shoe or a shirt… 

And whether you’re lucky enough to wear them by the water or simply out and about in the comforts of your hometown, you’ll be charting a fabulous course for great summer fashion.


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