America wastes $165 Billioin in food each year

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Yes, Americans waste $165 Billion in food each year! So not only are we the fattest indusrial nation in the world, but we waste 40% of all food. That is UNEATEN.

According to the Washington Post this month, Americans waste 50% more food than we did in the 1970’s, which suggestes that there is a fair bit of room to improve. What’s more, Britian has managed to reduce the amount of household food tossed out by 18% over just the past five years. They accomplished this through a combination of public awareness campaigns and resolutions by leading retailers to eliminate their dowwnstream waste.

We all need to do our part and maybe we have a few things to learn form our neighbors across the Atlantic. Read the Washington Post article and learn how to become more aware of your own waste that maybe contributing to the overall problem.

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