“Always Pack Carefully For Long Weekends…”

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So as the holiday weekend has now come and gone, I’m reminded of a story from a past shore house. 

One year, when the 4th fell on a Wednesday or a Thursday, we were at our shore house and everyone else was already at the bar, and being that it was an extra long weekend my buddy Evan and I came to the conclusion that this would be an especially bad weekend to forget to pack your underwear. 

Now of course we had both already had quite a few adult beverages by this point. Next thing we know, we found the bag of a roommate who had been in a few arguments with other housemates recently and was known to overreact a bit. 

At that point it just seemed really, really funny to us to take all of his underwear and put them in a pot of water which we then stuck in the freezer. 

We then went off to the bar and forgot all about it. 

The next morning the boys were playing cards and found the odd ice block in the freezer and of course simply put it on top of the newest keg. 

After a few minutes I heard our victim’s distinct voice from the card room laughing, 
” Hey look! Some sap’s underwear is in the ice!!” 

(5 minutes and a bit of melting later) 

“Hey! Is that my underwear!! Is that my G-damn underwear!! ” 
” Who the hell put my underwear in the freezer??” 

Roommates, ” I dunno, it was probably McCrystal or Evan.” 

(Loud footsteps stomping down the steps to our bedroom so I quickly rolled under my bed and let Evan get yelled at for 5 minutes.) 

My final image of this was coming upstairs and finding our roommate running hot water over the block of ice in the sink while he chipped away at it with an ice pick and screamed at us, 

So for any of you going to the shore for a long weekend this summer? 

Pack wisely… 

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