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If you saw my last post about celebrating the holiday season (lost in a little bit of a glitch and of course I didn’t save a back up…) you saw that my family celebrates Christmas and that we are really taking time to focus on Advent.

At the time of that post, I had no actual curriculum or lessons to follow, other than scripture, but that changed just days ago and I am really excited about what I found!  I was perusing the internet and came across Amanda White and her e-book, Truth in the Tinsel.  It was exactly what I had been looking for!

Each day of advent has a “clue” that can either be put into your existing advent calendar or printed out as a paper chain.  Then there is a hyperlink to the scripture online where you can read out loud to your children, encouraging them to listen for the “clue.” 
Each lesson has a craft related to the scripture for that day, which is what I really love.  It gives your children’s little minds a way to correlate what they are doing with their hands and what the message is.  I love that it is interactive and I am not just handing my kids a toy or candy for following along with me.

hookup valves enter 37 grad partnersuche im internet spanische jungs flirten app conocer gente bogota follow link rencontre 94510 dating sam would include imagen de mujer soltera y feliz Here is my experience: 

The first day I thought that I was doing something wrong and it was a total disaster.  I couldn’t get Little Man on board at all.  He wanted to open the door on our calendar, but he wanted nothing to do with listening to what I was reading and certainly didn’t care to “bear with me” as I realized I was out of tissue paper.  Then I realized that tearing up construction paper would do the trick and both he and Princess happily shred paper into a pile onto the floor.

I read the scripture to Princess and she listened, but I think it was still a little beyond her.  She tried and that is all I can ask.  She listened for the “clue,” which on day 1 is Light, and I tried the extra activity listed for the day and she seemed to understand what I meant about Jesus being a “Light in the dark.”

The craft went really well and they both really liked that we would be turning their projects into ornaments for our tree. 

The best part, though, was the next day.  Little man was telling my Mom how it all works.  He remembered getting the clue and listening for it.  He was so proud of his candle ornament!  He might not have sat and listened to the whole scripture, but he got the message!  I should know better than to underestimate my little guys, they always prove me wrong 🙂  We have moved on to paraphrasing the verses and just focusing on the main points.  It has done wonders!  Now they both “get” what we are talking about and they relate it to the story books that we have.  They are super excited to open the door on our calendar each day and can’t wait to see what our lesson will be about.  One of my daughter’s teachers even mentioned to me because Princess had been talking about it at school!  That was one of those moments where I felt like I was doing something right for a change ;P

What is included:

  • Hyperlink to online scripture for each day
  • Activity/craft for each day
  • Extra “do togethers” for each day
  • Paper chain template
  • Craft templates
  • “Clue” cards for each day
  • Alternate schedules!  This is such a good idea because the one thing I am worried about is time. Tonight, for example, I am at work until 4:30 and won’t get home until 5.  Dinner by 6, bath and bed time routine take us to 7:30-8:00.  It doesn’t leave us a lot of time.  Amanda has broken down the story/activities by both “the basics” and “by character.  This helps me be able to know what I really want to focus on if the weeks get crazy.

I am really impressed with how the lessons are laid out and I trust that this women has actually done the activities with her own family and countless children in her ministry.  If you are looking for something to help you with your Advent count down or just want something to supplement your plans with, I highly recommend this book!

If you want to see how our Advent journey is going, follow along with me over at!

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