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There’s something about living in a town where you can walk just about anywhere.  West Chester is definitely a walking town.  Sure there’s major roads and highways that are necessary to get you to certain places but the majority of needs can be met by putting on your walking shoes or yes–even heels!

I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was in my 20s.  This meant my life living in West Chester during college and for a short time after, I had to walk to get groceries, walk to work, and walk to the bars and restaurants.  Thankfully, the town of West Chester is welcoming to foot traffic.  On my way to work I could grab lunch, pick up my Friday night dress, and stop by a friend’s apartment–all within a mile.  

In the winter months, particularly in December, walking is still do-able.  Despite the cold and freezing temperatures, the town is decorated with wreaths, lights, and of course a big tree that makes my commute that much more enjoyable.  Sometimes, I felt like the scene  I saw as I walked was right out of a movie and I have to admit that I often pretended I was in one (maybe that’s what kept me warm).

And yes, the walking somehow is still an option even in heels.  Sure I complain a bit but I always make it to my destination and back in one piece. I’m kidding.  Walking in my high heels downtown was and is my favorite part about commuting by foot.  I’m sure people think if she can do that, she can do anything.  It’s true.

West Chester also has so many accommodations for walkers.  From food trucks and hot dog stands to hot chocolate and even Philly pretzels, walkers can keep their stomachs full and their energy levels up. That’s key for walking.

But of course I can’t go without mentioning the fact that walking everywhere meant I remained thin and healthy.  I also saved TONS of money on gas.  It was definitely a win-win.  So maybe the next time you go to get in your car, you’ll look down at your heels and say, I can do this.  I will walk.  And I promise you it will be worth it…

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