A Tiny Studio with a BIG Heart!

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There is a new yoga studio in town with a big heart and a completely different approach to this often times intimidating activity. Susan, the owner of Eat Drink Om has taken the worry out of yoga and infused fun and simplicity.

I have been a yoga instructor for approximately five years and practicing yoga for about ten years. When I ask my friends and family to join me for a class, they typically begin to sweat with anxiety and quickly come up with an excuse, “but I’m not flexible”, “I don’t have a yoga mat”, “I don’t have a yoga outfit”, “I don’t have the time”…the excuses seem endless. When I dig a little deeper, I find that the real issue is twofold – they don’t want to be embarrassed and the beginner class does not coincide with their schedule.

All of these problems can be fixed at Eat Drink Om, where you click and pick your class – a new concept in yoga practice.

When you visit Eat Drink Om’s website, you can pick the time that works best for you, the length of the class and the type of class.  Basically, you control the schedule. If someone else sees the class you have created and it works for them as well, then they can sign up. If not, you have a private yoga class at a group rate.

When you meet Susan, the first quality you will notice is her warm and bubbly personality that makes everyone feel welcome. Susan makes yoga accessible to all with the philosophy; “we believe in a practice that can be quiet, loud, slow, funky…no guru experience required. We believe you should be able to make your own yoga menu.”

Eat Drink Om offers classes for any level, every size, every age, every mood, every degree of flexibility, special needs, yoga for the blind, amputees, wheelchairs, walkers…the list goes on and on.  So, no more excuses! Click on the logo above and pick your class to get started on a path to discovering you own yoga.

About Susan

Trained as an illustrator, Susan discovered yoga when she joined a postnatal yoga group.  Since then, she has enjoyed learning about various styles that yoga has to offer, including Iyengar and Anusara methods. Susan’s goal as an instructor is to eliminate the mystique of yoga to show that anyone, regardless of age or ability, can enjoy the tremendous physical and mental benefits the practice has to offer.

Susan started the YMCA’s first children’s yoga program as well as its yoga enrichment program. Susan is trained in YogaFit.  As well, she is a Certified ChildLight Yoga and Licensed Yoga 4 Classrooms Instructor.  She holds the required clearances for working with children in PA; Child Abuse Clearance, Criminal Record Clearance, Drug Testing Clearance and is CPR Certified.  

Her continuing education credits include : Yoga Ball, Stability Ball, Flexibility Training, Pilates, Healthy Lifestyle Principles and Foundations of Group Exercise. Susan lives right in the heart of the West Chester with her husband and children Jack and Eryn, her favorite yogis.

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