A Special Birthday

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I have been totally obsessed with the Royal Baby Watch. I love anything baby related and love The Duke and Duchess. They are like a breath of fresh air, those two.

Also? Yesterday was the supposed due date and TODAY is my daughter’s 5th birthday. I am still holding out hope that the baby comes today so that they can share a birthday 🙂 I really want to tell her that a baby princess was born on her birthday.

They have not revealed whether the baby is a boy or a girl, but I think it would be so awesome if the baby is a girl and know that she will be queen even if she has a little brother. My baby girl could share a birthday with the first, guaranteed, first born queen of England!

Ok, enough about the royals…It’s my baby’s 5th Birthday!!!

On July 15th, 2008 at 5:51pm, my baby “Princess” was born.

8Ibs, 9oz and 21 inches long.

On that day, she made me a mother. I Know a Girl - Daughter Quote

Daughters Quotes | Forward this Picture

 photo 60de95f3-e603-4f6d-a2e1-7c0b28e721c4_zps5cf0fce1.jpg


 photo 34ef6ddc-9945-42a2-9144-435091da9159_zps37eda5d0.jpg


 photo e0b04c70-a17a-400d-a4f5-9cd320fa0c1e_zpsb5cc8063.jpg


 photo 25c79bb4-6930-4be3-80d6-6aecfe9fb293_zps4243227f.jpg


 photo b9b0b17a-bc6f-4835-85cd-f8412b206436_zps134461be.jpg


 photo f82655be-d915-464e-bcf7-46ccda72af97_zps453efe44.jpg

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