A New Look at Stress Management

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The Eastern world of healing collides with western world of science to offer you the newest information and techniques in Stress Management.

Tune into the “Wellness 411 Show” heard on the talk of Chester County, WCHE1520 AM every Tuesday at 4:30 for best in healthcare education.

Dr. Lauren is hosting a new series of shows dedicated to creating and transforming your health away from stress. Stress is viewed as the leading cause for the top 10 diseases killing our population today. My guests, Ed and Wendy Harrold, owners of “Comfort Zone Center for Whole Self Health’ will help us address the “symptom” of stress and how it is impacting us physically, mentally and emotionally through a 3 part series starting this Tuesday October 2nd at 4:30.

The Harrolds have extensive training in eastern practices as well as the neuroscience of the brain and body as published journals and taught at Harvard, to prove that their approach to stress management is BOMB!

Do not miss this series, it will transform your life and those around you.

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