A Much Needed Snow Day

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Work has been crazy.  Day job and side jobs are going well, but it’s chaotic.  Then there’s the holidays and all the events that seem to pop up around them and keeping track of all of the kids activities.  Everyday life on top of all this extra stuff – It has me feeling pretty drained.  


When I woke up this morning I was dreading the snow.  That isn’t really like me because I love the snow, but really?  Again?  We had such an unexpected hit on Sunday and my whole family was stuck out in it.  This morning I was debating what to do about everyone’s whereabouts.  I was trying to keep track of the impending storm and weighing the pros and cons of going to work.  School was cancelled, which I appreciated, but then the kids were going to be bored inside all day.  Do I take them to Grandma’s so I can go to work?  Will the roads be bad when we have to come home?  That stuff seemed overwhelming after Sunday’s “adventure.”


God must have heard me and knew it was going to be a rough day.  I had decided to get the kids ready and get moving.  With any luck I could get them to Grandma’s and myself to work before it started snowing.  We would hunker down all day and I just PRAYED that the roads would be clear by the time I left work and wouldn’t freeze before I could get the kids home.  Our neighborhood and driveway are treacherous during minor storms.


By the time I had the kids dressed and we were packing up to leave, the snow was already coming down heavily enough that we couldn’t see the edge of our yard.  The decision was made for me.


I called in to work and let them know that risking the drive with my children in the car was not going to happen.  SNOW DAY!


I needed it.  WE needed it.


We played in the snow, drank hot chocolate, did crafts, watched TV, did puzzles and baked cookies.  The baby pointed to my nose and said “nose” and ate pizza crust for the first time.  I got to cuddle my babies who I missed all day yesterday when we were running from one thing to another.  The baby got 2 good naps, which is rare (poor guy) and I got to do all the laundry that I knew would not get done this weekend because we will barely be home.


It was a nice breather from the go-go-go that we have been experiencing lately 🙂



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