8 iPhone Photo Apps That Are On My Phone

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My iPhone is practically an appendage.  You may or may not agree with that, but as a blogger and social media consultant it is, quite possible, my most most important tool.  Not to mention, I am a photo junkie.  I take pictures constantly.  They may be for work or my own sentimental anxiety.  I feel compelled to keep photographic record of EVERYTHING.  Though I am doing better and trying to “live in the moment” more, I am completely guilty of being that parent behind the camera.  If I’m in the picture, it’s probably a group selfie of me and my kids or husband.

That said, I have a few photo apps that are absolutely imperative to my daily life.  I get a lot of comments on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about what technique I use, so I want to share some of my “must haves” with you.

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My Top 8 Photo Apps for iPhone/iPad


  1. Instagram is my most favorite social media outlet.  I feel it lends itself to artistic expression more than the others.  I am totally a filter junkie because it gives pictures more emotion.  This app can be completely private if you do not want to share the photos and the picture save to your stream automatically.  (FREE)

  2. Instant Blend is what I use for watermarking my phone pictures.  My accounts are public and many times my personal stuff crosses over into business stuff.  I don’t really want pictures of my kids out there for anyone to use for their own purposes, so I watermark them.  It isn’t a full-proof safety, but people are much see likely to use my pictures if my name and website are in the image (I usually put the watermark as close to the main focal point as I can get it without ruining the picture).  All you have to do is create an image or take a screenshot of your watermark and add it as the second picture to lay with your original image you want to share.  Then you can play with the blending tools to get the look just right.  (FREE)

  3. InstaFrameis great for adding fun frames or making collages.  I often like to tell a story with a collage and this is where I lay them out on the go.  (FREE)

  4. Photobucketis my main storage site.  The app can be set to automatically upload new pictures so that you don’t have to worry about losing anything.  You can also edit and share pictures from here.  (FREE)

  5. Google+  is a love or hate thing.  Some people swear that G+ will replace Facebook and others can’t stand it.  I like it and I use it to post updates/amplify my blog posts and to backup my pictures.  It also provides auto backup.  The pictures are easily shared from there or can simply be saved.  No one can view them without you sharing them.

  6. VSCO cam is new to me, but I am already in love.  If you want to make you pictures more beautiful, use this.  It’s kinda like having a little Photoshop in your phone 🙂 (FREE)

  7. Facetune ($2.99) makes your skin look great!  Who doesn’t take pictures and wish that they didn’t looks so pale or red and blotchy or that you didn’t have a zit?  This is what makes that all disappear.

  8. Over ($1.99) gives you the option to add artwork and writing over your pictures.  Super fun!


    Weather you use your phone for all of your photos or are just looking to try something new with your editing process, these apps are awesome.  Also, many of them can be used on your computer if you are more comfortable using them that way.  


    Happy St. Patrick’s Day and have a wonderful week!

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