8 Coffee Can Crafts

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Now that summer is in full swing, I know that some of our little ones are beginning to feel bored.  We do what we can to keep busy, but it has been HOT and RAINY, so we have been spending a lot of time stuck inside.  I like to throw a new craft out there on those dull afternoons and I don’t always have the time to plan ahead or run to the craft store, so we make due with stuff that’s already around the house.  I have learned that saving a takeout container or coffee tin can save our sanity in a pinch.


8 Coffee Can Crafts


Sock Bean Bag Game

Time Capsule


Pencil Holder


Bug Catcher:  Decorate and poke holes in the top for air.  This can also be done with a jar.

Small Toy Collector:  Great for small cars, random figurines, game pieces, etc…  My kids love to finger paint this stuff.


Piggy Bank:  Cut a coin sized slip in the lid of the coffee can and let them decorate the ouside.


Just like shoe boxes, this is an endless possibility kinda thing.  When all else fails, I give my guys an empty container or box, set out some leftover scraps, paints and glue and let them do whatever their artsy little hearts desire. 

Need some more craft ideas?  Check out my Kids Craft Ideas Board on Pinterest.


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