5 Ways to Organize in 2014

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The start of a new year feels like a clean slate to me.  No matter how wonderful or dreadful the previous year was, the new year is brand new and you are often starting from scratch in many areas.  I like to take advantage of the feeling and make changes where I felt the precious year failed me. I will be shouting out to many-a blogger in this post 😉

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1.  Create a Household Binder

This is literally a command center for all things that are important.  From Bill Paying Checklists and Freezer Inventory to Schedules and Phone Numbers/Addresses.  I have come across some awesome ideas from other bloggers.  Check them out!

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2.  Purge/Consign/Donate

I know MANY people, including myself, that have designated 2014 as the year to finally purge all the unnecessary STUFF.  Room by room collect items for Consignment, Donation, Trash and Storage.  It will give you room to breath!

3.  Filing System

For the last two years my filing system has fallen to the way-side.  I literally have two diaper boxes holding everything of importance from 2012 and 2013.  It’s pretty pathetic and it is NOT AT ALL convenient.  I make myself feel better by telling myself that at least it’s all in one place…

This is the filing system that I have prepped and waiting for me.  I can’t figure out why I didn’t do this before…

4.  Picture Organization

I take A LOT of pictures.  Daily.  Sometimes hourly.  I need a place for all of them and I need to be sure that they aren’t going to be lost.  I have several ways that I like to backup, store and print my pictures.

I use Photobucket and Google+ to backup all my phone pictures/movies.  This is the majority of my media. Both have apps that allow you to select auto backup from your devices and you can upload pics from your computer. I also regularly backup my photos from my phone and camera to my computer.  I send many of the important ones to family so they can have copies, but it is also a great way to get them back if you somehow lose yours. 

I have lots of guilty about the many years that I have not printed many pictures, but they are stored and ready when I have the opportunity to do something with them.  Right now, I am really into making books for photos. I have ordered several scrap-book style books from Shutterfly that look adorable and are easy to upload pics and add embellishments to.  You can type in your own descriptions and sayings or you can wait and hand write things into them.  Either way, it’s personal but WAY easier than printing and saving things to actually embellish by hand.  It’s even easier than just putting pictures into an album, in my opinion.

5.  Tax Info

Every darn year I tell myself that I will be better about keeping track of my tax information and every year I am missing something.  This year things are pretty simple except I am adding another child to the mix.  I do our taxes at home using TurboTax and it has worked very nicely.  Next year we will (hopefully) have a much more complicated situation.  Jason will be starting an internship in May and we have a few things in the works.  God willing, we will be in a very different ‘place’ this time next year 🙂

When your tax info gets complicated, I recommend really keeping things in order.  Businesses, medical expenses, things that qualify for deductions, etc…should all have their own place so that when it’s time to visit your accountant or sit down at your computer to file, everything is at your finger tips.

I hope that this post spawned some helpful organizational ideas for you.  Please share what your plans are for getting organized in 2014!


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