5 Baby Products I am Loving Right Now

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Three weeks into having a new baby at home I have some new daily essentials that I want to share with you.

1. RashTriple Paste: this stuff is the best thing we have found for diaper rash. Poor baby can’t have even the sensitive or scent free wipes near his bottom or he breaks out bad. He has seriously sensitive skin.

2. Muslin Swaddling Blankets: I talked about these in another post but I hadn’t yet used them. They are just as wonderful as I had hoped! They are just stretchy enough for a good swaddle, they don’t bunch up under the baby because they are so thin and they are great for layering. I never have to worry about him being too hot or too cold.

3. Baby Hammock Rocker: Baby has some reflux problems so he can’t lay flat. This is a great alternative to the bassinet we had planned to use. It cradles him and keeps him at a 45 degree angle.

4. Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator: I had considered getting one of these with the other kids but we were fortunate that, as babies, the older ones never really had bad colds. This little guy has already been dealing with a bad cold that has him so congested that he is often gasping for breath. It took us a few tries but we finally have a system for getting the gunk out. Still very scary, though. I can’t wait for him to get better!

5.  My Breast Friend: I purchased this nursing pillow when I was expecting Little Man and it was a great investment. I have heard some criticism about it promoting bad form, but I find it helpful to get me stride. It helps support you and in turn supports the baby. I also love the  Boppy Pillow but I find myself shifting around too much trying to get comfortable. I use the Bobby more for helping baby sit up and for Tummy Time to strengthen their neck. It is also nice for bottle feeding. I don’t need a nursing pillow at this point and just use a regular pillow to support my arm, but I like using MBF for night feedings because I am tired and weak then so I appreciate the additional help then.

As Baby grows I am sure I will have lots of new products to share love for. It is amazing what they come out with (or what I become desperate for) with only three years between children!

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