4th Annual Chester County Studio Tour

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Saturday, May 19th 10am – 6pm

Sunday, May 20th 10am – 5pm

What started out as a casual monthly discussion between local artists has evolved into “Four years of making art local.” We can only imagine visiting the studio of Andrew Wyeth in Chadds Ford 60 years ago. Chester County had yet to become the icon of American landscape painting.  It would have been an opportunity to experience history being made and the art that was an integral part of it.  Today a new generation of Chester County artists open their studios, building on this artistic legacy. Chester County Studio Tour is a self-guided trail that connects and highlights these local yet extraordinary artists.

Chester County studio tour invites friends, families, art enthusiasts and the curious to experience and meet a variety of astonishing artists as they exhibit their work during this two-day event. This unique and intimate opportunity creates a free unlimited access to the artists, and a clearer understanding of our story and creative process.

We invite you to browse the artists, and then download the map  or see the map below and choose a road. Follow it through the winding roads and rolling hills until you reach the door of an artist’s studio. There you can join us in our journey and begin experiencing art everywhere in Chester County.


In late 2006, Jeff Schaller hatched an idea to create a dialogue between some of the local artists in and around the Chester county area. In the guise of a critique, the main intention was to provide networking and the sharing of resources, contacts and information. Artists of all disciplines took part in monthly meetings, from professional gallery artists to outdoor festival artists and artists that only worked part-time outside of a normal day job. Representational artists struggled with commentary and input on abstract work, while abstract expressionists attempted to find direction and meaning in representational work. “Let’s try turning it sideways” was often heard at the meetings.

After Jeff Schaller held an open studio in spring of 2008, the idea was launched to create a tour of connected artist studios from this ragtag group of arguing pseudo-intellectuals. Thus, the Chester County Studio Tour was born.


john BAKER

John at his own studio – 119 W. Evergreen Street, West Grove, PA  19390.

stephen BREHM

To see more of Stephen’s work visit www.StephenBrehm.com

Stephen will be exhibitingy at the studio of David Oleski.

erica BROWN

To see more of Erica Browns work visit www.ebcbrown.com.

Erica will be exhibiting at her own studio – 28 North New Street, West Chester, PA. 19382


To see more of Diane’s work visit- www.artist-listing

Diane will be exhibiting at her own studio- 405 West Market St, West Chester, PA. 19382


To see more of Karen’s work visit- www.karendelaneysculpture.com

Karen will be exhibiting at Rhoda Kahler’s studio.

brian EPPLEY

To see more of Brian’s work visit- brianeppley.blogspot.com

Brian will be exhibiting by the lake on the estate of the studio of David Oleski

kirsten FISCHLER

To see more of Kristen’s work visit- www.kirstenfischler.com

Kristen will be exhibiting at Jeff Schaller’s studio.

amelia Furman

To see more of Amelia’s work visit- www.ameliafurman.com

Amelia will be exhibiting at Jeff Schaller’s studio.

lele GALER

To see more of Lele’s work visit- www.lelegaler.com

Lele will be exhibiting at Rhoda Kahler’s studio.

david HAINES

To see more of David’s work visit- studiodavid.co

David will be exhibiting by at Jeff Schaller’s studio.


To see more of Corey’s work visit- cjpottery.com

Corey will be exhibiting at his studio 101 Sean Lane, Glenmoore, PA. 19343

rhoda Kahler

To see more of Rhoda’s work visit- www.rhodakahler.com

Rhoda will be exhibiting her work at her studio 1212 Hall Road, West Chester, PA 19380.

madeleine KELLY

To see more of Madeleine’s work visit- www.madeleinekelly.com

Madeleine will be exhibiting at Sarah Yeoman’s studio.


To see more of Adrian’s work visit- www.adrianmartinez.com

Adrian will be exhibiting at his studio 363 Washington Ave., Downingtown, PA. 19335

christina ODDO

To see more of Christina’s work visit- www.costudios.com

Christina will be exhibiting her work at her studio 60 Brittany Lane, Glenmoore, PA. 19343.

david OLESKI

To see more of David’s work visit- www.davidoleski.com

David will be exhibiting his work at his own studio 977 Broad Run Road, West Chester, PA. 19380.

kathy RUCK

To see more of Kathy’s work visit- www.kathyruck.com

Kathy will be exhibiting at Sarah Yeoman’s studio.

kerry SACCO

To see more of Kerry’s work visit- www.kerrysacco.com

Kerry will be exhibiting at Jeff Schaller’s studio.


To see more of Jeff’s work visit- www.jeffschaller.com

Jeff will be exhibiting at his studio 80 Highspire Road, Downingtown, PA. 19335


To see more of Stan’s work visit- www.stansmokler.com

Stan will be exhibiting at Sarah Yeoman’s studio.

andrew SNYDER 

To see more of Andrew’s work visit- bootlegpottery.com

Andrew will be exhibiting at John Baker’s Studio.


To see more of Kate’s work visit- katestewartart.com

Kate will be exhibiting at John Bakers studio.

sarah YEOMAN

To see more of Sarah’s work visit- sarahyeoman.com

Sarah will be exhibiting at her studio on the edge of Chester County. 1452 Ashland Clinton Hockessin, DE 19707


To see more of Carol’s work visit- www.caroltippitwoolworth.com

Carol will be exhibiting at Sarah Yeoman’s studio.


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