27 Weeks and Halloween Fun

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Today I have reached another milestone in this pregnancy.  I am 27 weeks!  I know a lot of people just want to know what that is in months and why it’s a milestone, so here’s the deal.


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27 weeks = 7 months pregnant and the last week of the 2nd Trimester


This is a big deal for expecting mothers because at 27 weeks, if you experience complications and deliver early, your child has greater than a 90% chance of surviving with medical intervention.


By no means do you want your child to be born this early, but it is somewhat of a comfort to know that you are closing in on the home stretch and your baby is at the point where they could survive outside of you.  I find it comforting anyway.  I have always had little complications and I just feel better having this information.


I am sooo ready to be in the third trimester and getting ready for this baby’s arrival.  He seems to have hit another growth spurt.  He now has fewer times of small little jabs and kicks and more of the bigger movements that occur when baby gets bigger and has less room to move around.  I can definitely now feel where he is and what he is doing, which is nice 🙂


In other news around here, It’s Halloween!


I don’t like the scary parts of Halloween, never have, but I do enjoy the festivities and harvest celebrations.  Of course, the kids love dressing up and coming home with loads of candy!


Kids dressed up 2014 WM.jpg


We did lots of pumpkin picking this year between our trips together, the kids going with their grandparents and each of the older two having field trips that included bringing home pumpkins.  I think we have about 9 sitting on our front porch and 3 sitting on my parent’s front steps.  They look adorable right now, but I don’t look forward to the removal in a few weeks.


Kids Pumkins 2014 WM.jpg


Another thing that I really love about the Harvest time is that you can decorate and celebrate for two months.  We do very few “Halloween” decorations and focus mainly on autumn colors, pumpkins, pears, wheat, leaves, etc…  We start putting it all out in September and it lasts us through Thanksgiving.  So much less work!  I think we have a couple little witchy things and a black cat out right now also.



Does anyone else stock up on the seasonal crafts this time of year?  I love grabbing all the $1 bin stuff and scouring the local craft stores for good deals.  Having crafty stuff on hand is so nice when you hit a rainy Saturday afternoon with the kids. *Sometimes* I forget that I did it the year before and already have a ton… Doesn’t stop me though!


From what I have gathered from the individual town websites in Chester County, Trick or Treating is on Friday, 10/31 6 – 8 pm across the board.  Halloween on Friday or Saturday was so awesome as a kid!  


How do you celebrate the Harvest or Halloween?  Are you (or your kids) excited to be Trick or Treating on Friday night?

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