11 Things for Baby Number 3

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When I found out I was pregnant with #3, I figured I wouldn’t be buying much and pushed it out of my mind for a while. Around 28 weeks I started feeling “nesty” and realized that there were probably a few things that I needed/wanted. People also started asking if there were things that I could use. There are definitely items that I would love to have that have come out since having Little Man 3 years ago, but this is what we have purchased or have been graciously gifted and I think we are pretty much done.

11 things for Baby Number 3:

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Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor: I am huge on video monitors. I am that mom. My kids are likely to have a monitor in their rooms until they tell me that it has to go. I wish I was joking. I have video monitors for both of my children, ages 3 and 4, and I keep them at full blast all night long. AND I check on them at least once after they fall asleep to be sure they are breathing. I know it’s crazy, but you can probably see why the Angelcare Video Monitor is perfect for me. It has the video feature, which is awesome, but my favorite part is the mat that the baby lays on. It alerts you if your child has stopped breathing for more than 20 seconds! My paranoia keeps me awake at night so I am hoping that this will help me rest a little easier.

Diapers: This is just part of having a baby. I would love to say that I cloth diaper. In a perfect world, maybe, but I don’t. I prefer Huggies, especially for newborns. They have a little notch taken out of the band in the front to make room for the umbilical cord. You can still roll it down, but it isn’t necessary.

Onesies: I have some stuff from the big brother saved, but the little white onesies that go under everything get pretty gross looking after a while. I don’t really worry about stain removal for things like that so it gets tossed and I buy new for the next bundle.

Baby Book/Calendar: I don’t have an official baby book for any of my kids. I keep a “My First Year” calendar with all of the important dates and “firsts” and then I keep a memory box for the bigger things.

Pacifiers and Bottles: I throw these things away as I am sure most people do. At the very least, the nipples get weird and need replacing.  My preferences are Nuk brand pacifiers and Playtex Nursers with the the drop in liners. 

Bibs and Burp Cloth: Like onesies, these get stained and gross. I only keep the ones that somehow make it through unscathed. I have found that the best bang for my buck as far as cloths go are the Gerber cloth diapers.  They are cheap and absorbant.  I have tried the organic cotton and I would love to tell you that they are worth it, but they don’t do the job as well.

Bouncy Seat and Swing: We used these two contraptions like crazy with our other two and when they were too old for them, the bouncy seat was thrown away (had seen better days) and I consigned the swing because we didn’t have much storage space. I have had great luck with Graco  and Chicco products.

If you know someone who is having more children and wonder what they might need or want, these might be good ideas. Diapers and gift cards are my favorite things to receive because you can always use them. The gift cards can always buy more diapers or the little things like ointment, lotions, bath soap, wipes and all the little things that pop up after your little one comes home.


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