10 Tips to Enjoy the Chester County Jazz Festival

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700 Hoopes Park Lane, West Chester, PA

June 30th and July 1st

The Chester County Jazz Festival is a wonderful event that expects to gather thousands of jazz lovers at the heart of Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Getting there through the 95 and 202, parking, and getting to Hoopes Park might seem like a challenge, but it really is not!  With a bit of planning, you can be a happy jazz fest attendant.

Here are our tips on how to do it brought to you by Anita Broady, Sugarbaby Events:

1. Parking:  On street parking is available.  If you park on the street it’s a very nice walk to the park just remember to bring plenty of quarters with you because some of the spaces are metered.  While West Chester has taxis as well as public transportation they are limited options for this event.  You can also park at the garages on High Street, New Street, or Chestnut Street and wait for the shuttle van service to arrive. There will be several back and forth from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. While West Chester has taxis as well as public buses they are limited options for this event. Watch a quick video that explains West Chester parking by clicking here.


2. Seating area: This is an outdoor event so bring a blanket, beach/lawn/fold up chair, or mat for the grass areas.  You can bring a very small umbrella to protect you from the heat but it cannot block anyone’s view.

3. Heat – Sun: there are plenty of areas around to sit, some with more shade than others. Bring your hat and sunscreen!

4. Food and Beverage: Really, you do not need to worry about food and beverage.  There will be plenty available to you from our food vendors.  If you still want to bring water, you can bring water with you – plastic bottles only and no more than 1 Liter! Alcohol of any kind is not allowed in the park.  If you want to bring food it must be in a very small collapsible cooler – no hard coolers allowed. There will be people selling drinks and food all day for your convenience. If you feel like taking a break and having a sit down meal, there are several restaurants in town that will be open. 

5. Public Restrooms: There will be over a dozen bathrooms near the tennis courts for your use along with hand washing stations.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE wash your hands after each restroom break and prior to eating. 

6.  Strollers:  Only small fold up strollers are allowed and they cannot be positioned to obstruct anyone’s view.

7. Best time to arrive: The event will start around 11 a.m. and finish at 10 p.m. Anytime is a good time! If you really want a spot in front of the stage, then arrive early (10:30 ish). If not, don´t worry, the music will invade the park wherever you are.

8.  Pets:  Leave your pets, big and small, at home.  They are not allowed in the park.

9.  Cameras:  Bring your camera so you and your friends can nab a photo of your favorite jazz musician.

10. Cash/Credit Cards:  Festivals attract some of the most unique vendors in the area so you’ll definitely want to bring some cash with you for your vendor shopping.  Some will take caredit careds while others may not.  Ladies, we recommend bringing a small wallet with you and not a large purse. 

See you at the Park!

Anita Broady

Sugarbaby Events

Meghan Kelly

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